This sprawling custom home interior design was for a large family that combines warm comfort with a modern edge to suit both husband and wife’s divergent tastes. With our team overseeing every aspect of the design, decoration and construction, we were able to find a center path that showcases the family’s bold yet timeless tastes. This is most evident in the dining room, where the bas-relief sculptural wallpaper discovered on a trip to MJ Atelier’s Van Nuys studio in L.A. became the jumping-off point for the rest of the home. Each space is layered with texture, color and movement to evoke the family’s youthful spirit.

Custom marble walls and counter in kitchen
Custom blue doors to dining room
custom home interior design of stairs
Custom living room interior
blue accent tools for dining room
blue accent chairs for dining room
custom wine glass shelf
custom entertainment room
modern custom living room interior with blue and yellow accents
custom work station interior
custom blue washroom
custom laundry room with tiled flooring
custom pink bedroom
custom kids bedroom with view of nook
custom blue teal bedroom for kids
custom shoe and accessory room
custom walk in closet with windows
wide angle view of custom bathroom with marble
custom shower with marble
custom bedroom with gold an blue accents
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Newberry Architecture

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