Overseeing every aspect of this new construction, our team worked from the ground up to create a traditional home inspired by the architecture of John Staub. Inside, we combined classical details with ornate finishes that respond to the client’s taste for jewel tones. A vibrant color palette brings the light-filled rooms to life, while the thoughtful display of a refined collection of priceless antiques and family heirlooms makes the space at once grand and approachable.

timeless piano room with dark green walls
timeless and traditional dining room with green
timeless reading room design
timeless kitchen design with marble counters
timeless kitchen design
timeless wine bar for home
timeless and traditional living room design
living room and coffee table
timeless stairwell of elegant home
laundry room with blue cabinetry
timeless interior design for bedroom with chandelier
timeless bathroom interior
home exterior of timeless interior design project
Ryan Gordon
Landscape Architect
Moss Landscaping
Welch Builders

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